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Roman Moser Minicon Leader Loops

Roman Moser Minicon Leader Loops are a great way to connect your leader to your fly line if you are not confident with your knots.

We offer these as a useful accessory to add to your Barrio fly line.

There are numerous braided leader loops available on the market, many of these are too long and too heavy for most fly line tips and can cause these to sink, especially when fitted to lower weight fly lines. Many are also very poorly made and can fail on a good fish.

In my experience, the Roman Moser Minicon Loops are the best that I have found.

Fitting Braided Leader Loops

RM braided loops are very easy to fit. I usually grab 10 inches or so of nylon, thread it through the loop and hold it back in a 'U' against the loop ( loop to loop ) then I slide the red sleeve over the loop so that the sleeve is mostly sitting on the nylon.

Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops
Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops

Then I insert the fly line inside the braid at the other end and feed it up through the braid until it reaches the point where the loop is formed.

Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops
Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops

Now hold the nylon and slide the sleeve back over the loop and along the braid until it reaches the other end, I like to have about 3/4 of the sleeve sitting on the braid and 1/4 on the fly line.

Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops
Roman Moser Minicon braided leader loops

Additional notes

A braided loop works by constriction, so the harder you pull the braided loop from the loop end, the more it will tighten and grip the fly line between the loop and the 'sleeve anchor point'. Don't be tempted to add a spot of glue at the loop end, as this could cancel out the constriction of the braid.

Braided loops work well when simply fitted as above and this is how I fish them personally, but many anglers appear to like the added assurance of a spot of waterproof superglue. If you wish to add waterproof superglue, stop sliding the sleeve just before you reach the end of the braid (picture 5) add a little glue to the end of the braid and then slide the sleeve over this to the 3/4 - 1/4 point. Only use a very small amount of glue, as slightly too much can cause your fly line tip to sink.

A flexible product like aquasure is better than superglue for this in my opinion, as it is less likely to cause the fly line to crack at the hinge point over time. Another tip that I often read is to seal the end of the fly line before fitting a braided leader loop, it is said that this helps to prevent water getting into the core of the line, I'm not sure if this helps with flotation, but I guess there is no harm in adding this to your procedure - as long as you use a tiny amount of glue and you make sure that this is fully dry before fitting the braided loop.

I hope you find this wee fitting guide useful.

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