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Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet

Clear and supple, Barrio Troutcast copolymer tippet offers superb strength to diameter ratio and great knot strength. Ideal for all fly fishing tactics where confidence and fly presentation are important.

Made for us in Europe and sold on 50 metre spools, Troutcast is available in the following sizes:

0X - 0.28mm - 13.97lb - 6.33kg
1X - 0.25mm - 11.35lb - 5.15kg
2X - 0.23mm - 9.65lb - 4.38kg
3X - 0.20mm - 7.61lb - 3.45kg
4X - 0.18mm - 6.24lb - 2.83kg
5X - 0.16mm - 5.00lb - 2.27kg
6X - 0.14mm - 4.31lb - 1.96kg

Now available in higher diameters - for tapered leader construction and for those of you that target larger species:

0.35 - 0.35mm - 20.55lb - 9.32kg
0.40 - 0.40mm - 26.00lb - 11.79kg
0.45 - 0.45mm - 32.59lb - 14.78kg

Great quality copolymer tippet for £3.90 per 50M spool including worldwide shipping.

Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet

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Customer Reviews

Name: Davie Hardie
Country: Scotland
Subject: Troutcast Tippet

For years I only used Ashima Flurocarbon for my Leaders and Tippet material, unfortunately it is not on the market anymore and I have been struggling to find any other that comes close until now.

Troutcast is in my opinion the best tippet material on the market.

Name: Ollie Gregson
Country: England
Subject: Troutcast Tippet

Fantastic tippet, very supple so turnover is excellent and has just the right amount of stretch so it is forgiving both in terms of bite detection when nymphing, and if a fish makes a sudden run it can be relied on for a bit of cushioning.

This honestly has similar characteristics to Riverge Soft-Max flouro, but obviously being a co-poly it will float rather than sink. A little leader sink will remedy this though.

And you can't fault the price along with free next-day delivery! I really can't see myself using another copolymer again.

The only slight niggle I have is with the spool it comes on: there is no notch to clamp in the loose end as you see with other brands. If this could be sorted somehow then I would give this a 10/10!

Pair this with a Barrio fly line and a Roman Moser loop and you've got yourself one heck of a setup. Highly recommended!

Name: Gary Kane
Country: Ireland
Subject: Troutcast Tippet

Bought some of this copolymer ... its fantastic, great knot strength, great all round product, will never use stroft or jaxon ever ever again.

Name: Chris Hillier
Country: Wales
Subject: Troutcast Tippet

Just started using Troutcast for my dry fly fishing, on the last half dozen times that I've been out it has been absolutely faultless to use.

Only problem I can see me having is mislaying some because of the small diameter spool, but that's just me.

Great product.