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Barrio Smallstream Fly Lines

Barrio Smallstream fly lines have been designed for small streams, rivers and any location where fishing distances are likely to be more limited, or your casting area restricted. Presentation and accuracy at short range with our new Smallstream fly line is simply sweet, but shooting line to cover a rising fish at more distance remains easy, predictable and controlled.

The Barrio Smallstream has been specifically designed for the purpose and developed so that a #1 line will suit a #1 rod and a #3 line a #3 rod. This has been achieved by targeting the correct line weight rating at what we consider to be the optimum length for this type of fishing.

The Barrio Smallstream ...... A superb light presentation fly line for your favourite carbon, fibreglass and bamboo fly rods!

Barrio Smallstream weight forward floating fly lines are available in our pale olive colour from WF1F to WF5F.

Price: £28.80 including free worldwide shipping.

Barrio Smallstream fly lines
A cracking Scottish Brown Trout caught and released on a Barrio Smallstream fly line

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio Smallstream Fly Line Profile

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Customer Reviews

Name: Jim Butler
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

The Smallstream WF4F that I ordered arrived in good time and I had my first opportunity to cast with it yesterday.

I have to say that the line is absolutely fantastic and a real pleasure to use. It runs and shoots like a dream and I can really feel it loading the rod. I took it to a casting lesson with a well respected guide in my area and he was also extremely impressed with the line.

Many thanks indeed, keep doing what you are doing.


Name: Christian Kruselburger
Country: Austria
Subject: Barrio Fly Lines

I use the GT90 and the Smallstream and am convinced this is the best line I've ever had in use.

Keep it up Mike, I'm waiting for the next one.

Name: David Harvey
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Mike recommended the Smallstream for my new 4wt rod as a nymphing general line. I took it to the Welsh Wye in pursuit of grayling last weekend and it was simply superb. I was able to spey cast, single and double, with ease. It floated high, shot beautifully and handled impeccably.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Name: Nelson Ulshafer
Country: United States
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I love the Barrio lines. They are equal to the premium lines in the USA and better value.

This line seems to make me a better caster and performs just as well or better than the more expensive lines.

Name: Philip M.
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new Smallstream #4. Am using it with a snowbee prestige 7ft #4, fishing a narrow, overgrown bit of chalkstream. I've been seriously impressed with it's performance - it's simply brilliant.

Memory is virtually non-existent. It roll casts like a dream and shoots beautifully through the rod rings. False casting is kept to a minimum because the rod loads so easily with only a couple of feet of line out. It also lifts off well and lands lightly, which was a slight surprise given the taper. It does everything I need for the waters I fish. I like my GT90, but this is a step up again.

Many thanks indeed,


Name: Pascal DUBOIS
Country: France
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I have had the smallstream 4 on my rod for a year. I have fished with this fabulous line all the 2016 season. It very easy to cast on small and medium rivers and last week I fished with it on the Dordogne river, a large one.

For my casting style, the scandi style, these lines are perfect. Not a scratch on it after a year (50 outings). I'm very happy with this useage and I'll buy a 5 line for my second rod.

I've given it to three friends of mine to try, they have all found it a great line and I think they have bought one too. This autumn, I'll try the GT125 on stillwater on the Drennec Lake in Brittany, a fabulous and wide lake.

Thanks a lot for your work for us fly fishermen.

Name: Stuart Cullen
Country: England
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I have just spent two days fishing a Scottish moorland burn. I was using my favourite stream rod, a Temple Fork Finesse 7'9" 4wt which has a softer 'traditional' action. The rod loaded with ease at all distances and despite the short head fishes delicately because of its slim profile. Roll and Spey casts were achieved with ease.

When necessary, I could wind the rod up to put out long casts without line-collapse. All casts were super-accurate and the line had lots of 'feel' both in the hand and in the air. The colour is perfect and I was amazed at the total zero memory which I have never found in any other line.

Overall, it confirmed the maxim that the right line can make all the difference to a rod. I am delighted with my first Barrio line.

Name: Damon Valentine
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

With over twenty years fly-fishing experience, this is by far the best trout fly-line I've ever used. Casting is effortless because the rod is loaded with very little line which is ideal for my local stream. I'm also very impressed with the delicate presentation provided, something which has been pivotal in catching my personal best Brown Trout in 18" of clear water. Had I been using my previous 'expensive line', it would've probably swam off!

I'm a Barrio customer for life from now on that's for sure!

Keep up the good work!

Name: Peter Buckey
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I'm already a huge fan of the Mallard DT and SLX so hoped the all-new Smallstream #3 would suit my new rod nicely. On first impressions this line has the zero memory, supple and slick qualities that all of Mike's lines have become renowned for.

After I've strung the line through my rod rings and started to put line out, my first thought was "wow - this feels good!". Loops were pin-point accurate and straight, with any line wobble straightening itself out as the line travelled and loops seemed to become tighter. That was the other thing that was immediately obvious - this line was performing some amazingly tight loops - always under control - and I realised this line is just the tool for casting to easily spooked fish. I was casting in a very strong wind and getting the fly to tuck-in under a low branch just above the water was no problem at all. Getting the head beyond the rod tip is a gradual, predictable feeling and Mike is absolutely correct that this line doesn't need to be a twin colour like the SLX.

Instantly the Smallstream felt a perfect match for my rod and the type of fishing this line has been made for. I could feel the rod load at all ranges, but get the head at the tip-ring when you need to cover more distance and whoosh! It's off!. Turnover at all ranges was simply superb, laser-accurate and beautifully controlled. Roll-casting and spey casts were so easy with this line I couldn't believe it! The line shoots out of the rings like it hates my rod! In my opinion this would be a great line to use on rods for beginners when teaching, as it feels a little more stable and predictable when you can carry more line beyond the head than the SLX.

I know the word 'presentation' is widely overused when we discuss fly lines, but it is certainly one that immediately springs to mind when I think of key words to explain this line. The other word I would use is 'control'. Mike really has made a belter of a line here that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. The Smallstream does feel lighter than the SLX and whilst not loading the rod quite as deeply for spey casts, seems to be the better for it when presenting dry flies and nymphs with over-head casts (having said this I would like to emphasise again just how good the Smallstream is at spey casts!).

In case you haven't guessed - I very much enjoy casting this line and it places itself neatly in the already superb range of Barrio lines and is one that I'm sure will bring many happy days to all who enjoy fishing the 'Small Streams'.

A huge congratulations and many thanks to Mike and all who helped in the development of this superb fly line!

Name: Steve Wyatt
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I used the #4 line, with a 7 foot 'middle/tip' action rod (slightly softer than some) and a tapered leader (about 8' overall). I trimmed about 5 meters from the reel end to get 10 meters of extra backing, I have been caught before. The line needed to be stretched a little before use, but this seemed to cure any lingering memory. It floated high in the water, even the tip, but eventually the tip sank. Although, a little grease on the last foot solved that.

It cast easily from both kneeling and standing positions using a flick, with just the line tip in the water. However, what really was a surprise was how well it cast 'overhead'. It easily cast 80' and I could have gone further but for the trees behind. It also allowed me to 'shoot' line, but the 'turnover' was compromised. Still, this is not tagged as a 'distance' line.

It casts easily and predictably, despite its relatively short head (about 24') in fact, this is probably the very thing that makes it ideal for small water use.

Additionally, it was suggested that, it could be used for teaching. The ease with which it casts with only a short amount of line out, could make it ideal for beginners. Especially, for the very young, or those using short rods. Another plus point is the price, at £27.60 (around 55% of the competition) including postage.

All in all, an excellent product and one I will recommend.

Name: Josh W
Country: USA
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Loads really well in close, yet still allows for a nice presentation.

Excellent line for small spring creeks.

Name: Hector Pinto
Country: Chile
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I tested yesterday my 3wt Smallstream fly line, I can only define it in one word "Superb". The rollcasts were precise and I could achieve a great distance with very little effort.

Thanks a lot for developing this line. This brand is my new favourite fly line.

Name: Mike Tanton
Country: UK
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

I purchased a Smallstream line to fish on a Sage 4wt SLT to give me a bit more control in windy conditions over my SLT 3wt. The line on the 3wt cost in excess of £50 and I have to say that the Barrio Smallstream is the equal of it at less than 1/2 the price.

If you are considering trying a Barrio line - rest assured they are amongst the best - you will not be disappointed.

The Barrio brand is my number 1 choice for fly lines now and I am gradually replacing all my existing lines with them.

Name: Felipe Cavieres
Country: Chile
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Una delicia, utilizada con caña kola salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos. Presentaciones excelentes, cero memoria....el precio muy amigable.

Name: Michael Stoeck
Country: Germany
Subject: Smallstream Fly Lines

Ordered the Smallstream especially for my little creek. Lots of bushes and branches make it challenging to get the fly presented accurately. The Smallstream is perfect for that kind of fishing and a true joy to rollcast and to do other waterborne anchor casts. Fine presentation and a stunning taper made it to my new fav line!

Great work Mike, thumbs up!