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Barrio SLX Fly Lines

The Barrio SLX fly line has been replaced by our new Smallstream ll fly line - See Barrio Smallstream ll

The Barrio SLX ..... Sweet loops and fast shoots from single handed roll and spey casts!

The rear weighted spey style head of our SLX fly line helps to make overhead casts a real pleasure too, loading the rod tip predictably and inviting smooth, tight loops. This is a superb presentation line, ideal for when space is tight and accuracy matters!

The SLX loads quickly and presents a fly predictably with control at any range from 20 to 70 feet, although it is certainly not limited to this range. Suitable for anglers of all levels of casting ability, advanced casters will be able to do some pretty clever tricks with the SLX and thanks to the positive turnover, visible head and the colour change, less advanced casters will enjoy repeatable, predictable results and good range with minimal effort.

The Barrio SLX excels with a thick butted tapered leader and in the heavier sizes easily copes with salmon flies, small tubes and poly leaders, making these an excellent choice for single handed salmon or sea trout fishing.

Country of manufacture: Made in the UK.

Barrio SLX fly lines
A nice brown trout caught on a Barrio SLX fly line

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio SLX Fly Line Profile

SLX Fly Line Weights

For the vast majority of anglers, SLX fly line choice is very much a case of 'keep it simple', just choose the WF5F line for a 5 weight rod, the WF7F line for a 7 weight rod etc etc. These lines are pretty close to international line weight standards at 30 feet and will perform well for you.

For those of you that might be looking for head weights for specific applications ( Head = tip, front taper, belly and rear taper ) the target head weights at 33 feet for the SLX lines are as follows:

WF3F - 125 grains / 8.1 grams.

WF4F - 155 grains / 10.0 grams.

WF5F - 185 grains / 12.0 grams.

WF6F - 210 grains / 13.6 grams.

WF7F - 235 grains / 15.2 grams.

WF8F - 270 grains / 17.5 grams.

Customer Reviews

Name: Gene Larson
Country: USA
Subject: SLX Lines

Just returned from a trip to Michigan's Au Sable system. Fished the 3 weight SLX on my new Scott GS 3. What a combination! Honestly felt like I was fishing a 5 weight combo, but with the delicacy of a 3 weight. The water was low and clear and long casts were needed.

Hooked and landed several nice trout 40 feet away and the casting was easy to reach out that far. Highly recommended.

Name: Iain Cameron
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

At last count, I've got about 6 or 7 Barrio lines (Mallard DTs & WFs, GT125s & 90s and SLXs) spooled up and on reels, and probably a few more older lines boxed away too. Repeat custom tells you that Barrio fly lines are doing something right.

Part of the appeal is the feel of being in on the ground of something new and exciting - being based near to Barrio HQ means I'm close to the news and views and there always seems to be a new line or variation on the horizon- but that itself wouldn't be enough. Quite simply, the lines work well, and let you get on with your fishing and your casting.

Others will describe the technical qualities - I just like the simple usability of the lines, and know and trust that the technical merits of the lines have been tried, tested & prototyped by experienced anglers and casters alike. Looking forward to trying out the new Switch lines soon too!

Name: Jon Ninham
Country: UK
Subject: SLX Lines

For nearly a year I've been using both 4 and 5 weight SLX lines on my Epic 580, and they are the dog's danglies! I also use other Barrio lines with my other rods.

The profile and weight of the SLX #4 loads the 580 with deliciously delicate balance & feel for small nymphs & dries, while the #5 is perfect for rolling out a larger nymph, bigger dry patterns for greedy chub, and even small lures for perch, big wild brownies & the odd jack pike.

Brilliantly performing lines from a man who really does care about his products, his customers, and the sport we all love.

Tight lines and thank you Mike.

Name: Carsten B Hansen
Country: Denmark
Subject: SLX Lines

This is my first Barrio fly line and I have only one complaint, the running line is not long enough. I was fishing this line at the coast today, love it, just a few false casts and it flies as far as possible, I did have the backing line out 3 ft of the top eye in some of my casts (110 ft including the tippet), I wish the total length of the line was 108 ft.

The lines are smooth, it is easy to make precision casts with them, the best feeling I have had from a fly line.

Hello from Denmark, and tight lines.

Best regards
Carsten Buus Hansen

Name: Rob Brownfield
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

I am lucky in that I know Mike and several of the folk that have worked and are working with Mike on the design of fly lines.

What this has meant is that I get the chance to have a cast with some of the prototypes and get a feel for the amount of genuine work that goes into designing these lines, and also see that feedback from those who have had a cast is taken into consideration.

The best example of this is the new SLX. Mike produced the line in orange and cream, but a few of us asked for a more subtle colour. A little while later he produced the olive green version.

Mike is like that. He goes the extra mile for his customers, and he listens.

The other thing I like is that Mike knows how to design a fishing line. Sounds strange to say that, but many lines on the market have been designed to cast long distances by world class casters. What about those of us that don't have the perfect cast, those who want a line that is easy to cast, turns over a leader well, and does not cost a fortune. Mike has filled that gap perfectly!

That's not to say he cannot produce a line that casts a looooong way, because he does! But they still make great fishing lines.

I love the SLX and I now find myself fishing bits of river that normally I would not have considered due to high banks or trees behind me. The SLX gives lovely roll and SH spey casts as well as being able to deliver a fast overhead delivery to a distant fish. I have also used it on lochs when the wind has been howling and a roll cast was the only safe option. I found myself shooting line far beyond my normal ability.

Get on the SLX, you won't regret it!

Name: Sandy Nelson
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

I've a passion for Bamboo rods and have been happily fishing with the 4wt GT90 and Mallard DT4F for a few seasons on my 7ft6" 4wt Eden cane rod. However I recently purchased a 3pc 8ft 5wt Eden cane rod to fulfil my Day to day Trout fishing. So I immediatley opted to try out the GT90 and DT in a 5 and they were very nice indeed.

Now I have a 4wt SLX which I got to try a while ago, so out of idle curiosity and in the throws of having a grand old time trying lines on my new rod, I selected the line. WOW is the only comment. I was completely blown away, the line might be rated a size lower than I expected but it matched the rod so well I stopped thinking and started shaping the line into every cast I'm capable of. The extra weight in the head seems to suit the Cane rod so well it just feels Awesome. I will now have to get a 3wt SLX to try on my 4wt, and another 4wt SLX in Olive for dryfly.

Thanks for an amazing flyline!

Name: Peter McCallum
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

This is possibly the best line I have used, it casts easily overhead but is particularly effective when roll & spey casting. I have used it on #4,5,6 & 8/9 rods fishing for trout, salmon & grayling and it has proved excellent in all weights.

Must see about a 7 weight to make up the set!

Name: Callum Conner
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

I've been using the 12g #5 floater for over a year now, it's an outstanding floating fly line, ideal for casters of all abilities, great performance, great price and it really stands out in photographs which suits me!

An awesome fly line, well recommended!


Name: Oka Fransiska
Country: Indonesia
Subject: SLX Lines

Barrio SLX is the best fly line I've ever used, perfect combination with my epic fly rod 476. Awesome casting I get from this line.

I highly recommend this line, you must try the Barrio SLX and get different casting from this line. Thanks for the rapid delivery of a superb line.

Thanks Mike....you are the best fly line maker!

Name: Hamish Young
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

The next generation fly line, without a doubt the best all round fly line I've ever used.

Name: Joao Mota
Country: Portugal
Subject: SLX Lines

Already have a Smallstream 3wt and was looking for a 8wt to suit my Redington Predator 8wt, a real broom stick ... after some mailing with Mike this line was the closest to a predator line and the elected choice.

On the first day at water and after a couple casts to get used to the line, I was already shooting almost all the running line. A real pleasure to cast this line and probably my first choice in a next buy!

Thank you Mike!

Name: Jille Jan Reitsma
Country: Netherlands
Subject: SLX Lines

Dear Mike, Today I recieved my SLX fly line with the mail. Superfast all the way from the UK to Holland. Thanks for service, great.

About the line itself , its really good with my sage xi2 rod. Its easy to hold up in the air and the loops are tight and accurate. I think I'm really going to enjoy it fly fishing for seatrout on the coasts of Danmark.

Till next time, kind regards, Jille Jan.

Name: David Harvey
Country: UK
Subject: SLX Lines

Ok so in common with other reviewers I have a few Barrio fly lines and I bought the SLX 7 wt to take to Alaska to handle streamers and some pretty hard-to-cast dumbbell headed things, which it did absolutely fine. I caught lots of silver salmon to 20lb plus using this line with my Hardy Jet 7wt, a fast sinking poly leader and also on topwater - a sort of irradiated dry 'fly' - though it needed a floating poly leader and some fairly industrial leader material to turn the brute over.

What I wasn't prepared for however, is just how good a spey casting line this is - its almost perfect and handles salmon and sea trout flies with ease. It also handles an intermediate poly leader and can turn the whole caboodle over without any fuss. What's more I can cast it 25 yards with a speycast so who needs a 'switch rod'? Especially as this line lands without much of a splash and gives me confidence that the fish aren't going to be spooked as they might be by a (horrible) heavy shooting head .

I have two gripes however: first the colour change can be hard to see in certain light - though I have caught sea trout spey casting in the pitch black with no problem, so I can hardly complain about that and secondly the 8wt is out of stock! I am after one and think that its probably even better than the excellent Barrio spey line I just bought for my 12 footer.........

Name: Jim Llewellyn
Country: UK
Subject: SLX Lines

Hi Mike.....Received my line today, set it up and went to the loch. It performed brilliantly and I am really pleased with it.

Once I get the hang of the tapers it will be awesome ...I have already outcast the GT125 a few times and after a few more outings I will settle in.

Many thanks once again for your excellent service.

Name: Jan Dudzik
Country: UK
Subject: SLX Lines

Hi Mike, I finally managed to get out to my favourite spot today for a few hours to try the new line out and what I can say, whatever alchemy you’ve worked on that SLX Line - please don’t change a thing.

Hands down thee best line I’ve had the pleasure to use to date. Zero line memory having had it spooled on my reel since Saturday morning a few minutes after it arrived and with today’s heavy gales, I was somewhat sceptical, but never have I been more wrong. Absolutely love this line and I will be purchasing more of them from you in the coming weeks.

From turning over a multitude of various sized patterns, to roll-casting at varying distances, I was very surprised at just how great everything worked and the accuracy is phenomenal. I have not had a more pleasurable days fishing in quite some time. Only for it being a dark and dismal night, I’d still be out fishing now.

Thank you for the first class service and a beautiful line.

Name: Rev James Davidson
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

Ordered on Sunday. Arrived on Tuesday. On reel on Wednesday morning. Had a wee shotti in the back field and within ten minutes had the line sailing out 65+ feet. I cannot single or double haul, just the worlds worst 76yo overhead cast to achieve this distance.

Happy as a pig among .... with my new line.

Name: Nick Moore
Country: England
Subject: SLX Lines

Supple feel, ultra tight loops, great spey casting line, and it's £30! This is an exceptional line that I use very often in fishing.

The scandi type taper really does present flies very delicately, and it is a great tool for tight spaces. On a still water, I can fish where nobody else has ever put a fly, and that can make the difference between blanking, and going home with a potential fish. I use mid-long belly lines with a DH rod on rivers, but I think I might get the ISS Spey line just to give it a go. If it's anything like this, then I'll be very happy.

This really is a superb line for a budding AAPGAI single handed instructor. Well done Mike, you have something special here. If you notice that sales have dramatically increased in the Midlands, it is because I have quite literally told everyone how awesome these lines are!

Name: Billal
Country: Scotland
Subject: SLX Lines

WF8F on 10’ #7 Guideline Rod ..... Brilliant for Spey and roll casting, the line effortlessly shoots out with delicate and precise presentation!

Hopefully will enjoy casting this line for many years to come.

Thanks Mike

Name: Meti Sabedini
Country: Norway
Subject: SLX Lines

The best floating fly line I have ever used. I get more and more suprised after each fishing trip of how good and easy this line is to use. Shoots like a "bullet".

Now I only use Barrio fly lines, I have a smallstream for my 2 wt, a mallard for my 3 wt and from 5 wt above SLX all the way.

Thanks Mike for incredible fly lines and costumer service, you are the best :)

Name: Visa Väisänen
Country: Finland
Subject: SLX Lines

Beautiful single handed Spey line. Today it was -5C and snowing. Delicate presentation got me a nice Brownie.

Excellent line for rivers and streams in Lapland, north Finland.

Great work.

Name: Keith Robertson
Country: UK
Subject: SLX Lines

After trying Wychwood, Snowbee, Maxcatch Gold, Michael Evans Arrow Heads, Orvis Hydros & Sunray Competition Float; IMHO this is the best line for my Hardy Zephrus #5.

Casts superbly, requires minimum effort, lands with excellent quiet presentation. Value For Money and the backing is excellent too (hard to tie). A front Loop would make them 10 out of 10.

I'm only a relative newbie, yet I am getting compliments on my casts now that I'm using the SLX Fly line.