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Barrio Midge Tip Fly Lines

The Barrio Midge Tip can be a useful addition to all your river, loch and stillwater fishing.

A well balanced line based on our classic Mallard tapers, great for keeping your flies under control sub-surface and enjoyable to cast.

A pale cream line with a 3 ft olive coloured sink tip section of approx 1.5 to 2.0 IPS, Barrio Midge Tip fly lines are available in WF3ST to WF8ST.

Price: £27.60 including free worldwide shipping.

Barrio Midge Tip Fly Lines

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio Midge Tip Fly Line Profile

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