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Barrio Mallard Fly Lines

Barrio Mallard Weight Forward fly lines, the original 'Barrio Lines' that we designed, tweaked and refined back in 2004. Our Mallard fly lines have gained a strong following over the years and these classic weight forward lines are just as popular now as they were back then.

A simply superb fly line for traditional trout fishing tactics, anglers of all levels of casting ability will find the Mallard an enjoyable line to cast. Suitable for most fishing styles and techniques, these well balanced fly lines are certainly capable of casting a good distance, but more importantly, they encourage the enjoyment and satisfaction of accurate and delicate presentation casts at normal fishing ranges.

Barrio Mallard floating fly lines are available in our natural cream colour in weight forward WF3F to WF8F and double taper DT2F to DT8F.

Price: £27.00 including free worldwide shipping.

Barrio Mallard weight forward fly lines
Barrio Mallard weight forward fly lines

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio Mallard Weight Forward Fly Line Profile

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Customer Reviews

Name: Iain A.
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

The vast majority of my fly fishing is on rivers for Brown Trout with both dry fly & nymph. The Barrio Mallard in WF3, 4 & 5 has been my fly line of choice for a number of seasons now and has never let me down.

It floats well, has a nice front profile, lies straight, has a slick surface and a price that would no doubt be double if marketed from another stable.

An excellent line for both beginner & veteran.

Name: Steven Brown
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Being a small stream angler, be they in the valleys, glens or mountains, I was always on the search for a fly line that rose to my needs. After going through a lot of lines & a hole in my wallet, I was never happy with the lines I fished, more in putting up with their stiffness & bumpy travel up through the rings on cold mountain streams & endless Memory, that is now long in the past.

I have been using mike's lines for 2 seasons now & would not replace them for any other make. They do what mike says they do, with no big fancy sales hype that we are all seeing now with lines 3 times the price & more.

They cast very well, I'm using the mallard every time I'm out, this would add up to a lot of days stream side. Pull from the reel & hang with almost no memory, shoot nicely & float highly, I make short casts that need to be right first time, the mallard gives me this, every time.

I can spend more time enjoying fishing & not worrying about stiff lines & the problems they intail, just lift the rod & shoot the line where it's needed. I have fished these lines long & hard, with plenty of life still in the lines and no cracks showing.

I would recommend these lines to anyone to try and as a new season is soon opening, these are still my go to lines.

Name: Peter Rawlinson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Had a few of these lines over the years now, very pleased with them all. I am not an expert caster but these lines have made it a lot easier for me with both distance and presentation.

Good lines at a good price, thanks.

Name: Gary Watson
Country: Scotland
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

Superb line - as good as it gets!

Name: Chad Goymer
Country: UK
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

I bought my first Barrio line and tried it today, paired with my brand new Helios 3D 5wt. The line has no memory whatsoever, is very supple and lies straight as can be on the water. I have been using a Scientific Anglers GPX which is a half line size heavy and very front loaded, so it took me a little while to adjust to the way the Mallard line handles.

You can certainly get long casts with this line and it lands very gently on the water if you want to fish small dries. It’s not a distance line however and you need to get some line out of your rod tip so that the belly can give you good distance. This is not a bad thing, as distance lines can hit the water with a bit of a splash - something that you do not have to worry about with the mallard.

It’s a great all round line ..... it has power when needed, but can give gentle presentation when you want it too. I treated the line with the Barrio Line Care product and it floated really high, so no sink tip issues when fishing the dry ..... I'm very happy with the line and will get a GT125 for my 7wt next.

Name: Scott Bailey
Country: Australia
Subject: Mallard Fly Lines

I've been using Mallard fly lines for a couple of years now. These lines consistently impress with their movement and delivery. The performance is excellent, offering smooth actioning of the rod, movement through the guides, distinct lack of memory and delivery of controlled power.

These lines deliver assurance that each cast will be what you want, where you want (be that at very short distances or reaching out to those rises). Whatever your casting style, Mallard lines put the control back into your hands and deliver the fly with seamless transition and delicate presentation.

Do yourself a favour and switch out to these lines.