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Barrio Fly Reels

Barrio large arbor fly reels build on our ethos of providing a first class product at affordable prices.

Chunky, fully framed reels that are simple, reliable and strong!

Our large diameter, high capacity spool design helps to produce a brisk retrieve, smooth drag performance and minimal line memory.

Barrio LA reels are made from fully CNC machined 6061 grade aluminium alloy, turned and milled, then hard anodised for maximum protection. Not only are these reels beautiful, they are manufactured and finished to world class standards. 'Made in Germany' means the very best quality precision engineering, and manufacturing and anodising processes that adhere to very strict environmental rules.

Reels to be proud of - reels to last.

Barrio fly reels
Barrio fly reel

On the water, you'll soon appreciate the many features of these reels, the silent retrieve and drag of the LA35 and LA68, the tactile rounded edges, the clever positioning of the sturdy frame crossmembers, the very subtle and reassuring click in the drag knob, the ergonomically designed handle, the well balanced counter weight ...... and when that fish of a lifetime takes your fly, you'll feel confident that your tackle is up to the task!

The larger LA78 reel features a very subtle click to the retrieve and drag. A reel for predator and light line switch rod fishing and one that will appeal to reservoir anglers looking for a high capacity reel for heavier line weights.

Our reels and spare spools are supplied with a Barrio reel pouch for their protection. Changing spools is very easy and there are no screw fittings to be lost on the bank, simply push/pop the spool out as per the instructions given below.

Our stock is set up in left hand wind, if you would like us to change your reel to right hand wind please write this in the comments box when placing your order. This is very easy to do by simply reversing the bearing as per the instructions given below.

Barrio fly reels
Barrio fly reel

Barrio LA35: colour green, spool diameter 87mm, spool width 25mm, weight 182 grams.
£180.00 including worldwide shipping ( spare spool price £90.00 )
We use these for our 3 to 5 weight fly lines.

Barrio LA68: colour green, spool diameter 97mm, spool width 25mm, weight 199 grams.
£180.00 including worldwide shipping ( spare spool price £90.00 )
We use these for our 6 to 8 weight fly lines.

Barrio Fly Reels are manufactured to our specification by Ralf Vosseler in Germany, simply superb engineering!

*Please note that previous black LA34 fly reels are now the green LA35 reels.
All LA34/LA35 parts are interchangeable apart from their colour. (and LA35 has a slightly darker shade of green from 24/9/2019)

*Please note that previous black LA56 fly reels are now the green LA68 reels.
All LA56/LA68 parts are interchangeable apart from their colour.

Barrio large arbor fly reels

To Remove Spools

To remove the spool from your reel, hold the reel frame in both hands and push/pop the spool out from the rear with your thumbs.

To fit the spool again, line up the screw or notch on the spool with the groove on the hub bearing and push/pop the spool back into place.

To Reverse The Drag System

To reverse the drag system ( change from left hand wind to right hand wind ) is a very simple process.

Begin by turning the drag control knob until the drag is in the fully off position and then remove the spool, as per instructions above.

Now undo and remove screw (A) in the photo below and remove locking washer (B).

Hold / support base (C) with a finger to prevent it coming away with the bearing and then slide off the hub bearing (D).

Turn the hub bearing (D) over and slide it back on in the opposite direction. ( this is what changes the drag direction )

Put the locking washer (B) back in place, taking care that it sits correctly in the recess in the top of the hub bearing.

Put screw (A) back in position and tighten. ( Do not over tighten )

Fit the spool again, as per the 'To Remove Spools' instructions above. Your drag system / wind direction should now be reversed.

Reverse the drag on a Barrio fly reel

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Customer Reviews

Name: Peter Welsh
Country: England
Subject: Fly Reels

Earlier this year I purchased both a LA34 reel and 2wt DT floating line. The reel is a beautiful piece of engineering, with a silent check and the line combined has added to the pleasure of fishing my Yorkshire Dales rivers.

Name: Mark Edwards
Country: England
Subject: Fly Reels

Barrio fly lines were recommended to me by a number of people. So I ordered a Mallard line and a Barrio LA56 reel.

I am very pleased with both items, and have now ordered another Mallard line and a Barrio LA34 reel for river work.

Name: Ash
Country: United Kingdom
Subject: Fly Reels

The LA34 is a great reel. It has a fast, effortless retrieve and balances perfectly on my 5 wt rod. There is something very pleasing and hard to define about the combination of superb engineering, quality materials and design simplicity.

Best paired with a Barrio Fly Line - Thanks Mike

Name: Jeremy Bennett
Country: England
Subject: Fly Reels

I have recently purchased an LA35 reel and have only used it twice, but would like to pass on the following:

(1) It appears extremely well made and durable.

(2) The drag is infinitely adjustable.

(3) I love how easy it is to change spools.

Top marks so far.

Name: David Baird
Country: Scotland
Subject: Fly Reels

I bought the smaller Barrio fly reel for river nymphing a few months ago, as it has a caged frame which stops the French Leader getting snagged up between the spool and frame. This aspect works really well. I also bought it for the drag system, for nymph fishing with very light tippets, it is ideal for this as I get the fish onto the reel straight away as there is no fly line to handle / control. The excellent drag on this reel allowed me to land a grilse of around 6 pounds or so in very heavy currents on 3 lb tippet as the drag worked exactly as you would wish.

Looks and feels very well engineered and almost bomb proof.