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The Italian Style Of Casting DVDs

The Italian Style of Casting: Two excellent DVDs from Massimo Magliocco. ( PAL DVD format )

In the first DVD of approx 70 minutes, "The Italian Style Of Casting", Massimo takes us through useful casting techniques for effective fly fishing on fast running rivers and streams which are surrounded by heavy vegetation.

In this DVD Massimo shows us that our casting styles may vary, but in order to cast well there are certain important rules to be learnt and these are the rules of physics! Massimo takes us through various chapters detailing how basic principles such as rod grip and casting axis can affect our casting. Further chapters explain things like how to apply thrust within the casting stroke and where the maximum amount of line speed is really achieved.

In the second DVD of approx 80 minutes, "The Specific Casts", Massimo takes us through some more advanced casting techniques, also touching on how to read water currents and showing us some original thoughts on leader preparation.

Once again we are in fast running rivers and streams surrounded by trees and bushes, real river fishing! Wave and spiral casts, cut or circle casts, backhand casts, slowed down angular casts, overturned casts, totally under the tip casts, low parallel casts and superimposed casts ... there is something for everybody in this DVD and you will have great fun on the water afterwards, trying it all out for yourself!

These are a great addition to any fly fisher's DVD library and you will certainly watch them more than once!

Great DVDs for £18 and £20 each including free worldwide shipping.

The Italian Style Of Casting DVDs

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