At the heart of your fishing - lies a great fly line!

Barrio Fly Lines

Barrio Fly Lines are researched and developed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at the heart of the rivers Don, Dee, Spey and Deveron. The Barrio Fly Line range is ideal for fishing our lochs and rivers and has gained an excellent reputation for innovation, quality and value for money.

A keen trout fisher, Mike Barrio was brought up in the South Island of New Zealand, spent a number of years in Leon in Northern Spain, has lived in Aberdeenshire since the mid 80s ... and enjoys nothing better than a few hours on the river!

He also ran Haddo Trout Fishery for more than ten years, gaining in depth knowledge of fishery management and stillwater fishing tactics.

Mike Barrio working on early fly line designs at the Haddo Trout Fishery hut
Barrio GT90 ll Fly Lines

Mike designs all our fly line tapers, each line profile is then relayed to our chosen fly line manufacturers in the UK and USA for production.

The launch of a Barrio fly line follows many months of research and development and a tremendous amount of enthusiastic input and feedback from local anglers with a good range of experience and casting ability.

We also have some great personal friends in our 'Barrio Pro Team' - friends who have always been keen to help with the development of new products and with the review of each prototype throughout the process.

Barrio Smallstream ll fly lines
Fly line research and development at one of the UK production factories

Suitable for all fly fishing styles and techniques, our well balanced fly line profiles can certainly help to make longer casts relatively easy, but more importantly, they are superb for accurate and delicate presentation casts at normal fishing ranges.

Designed in Scotland, smooth, supple, effortless casting and simply a pleasure to fish!

Designed in Scotland - Cast with confidence all over the world

One of the bonnie trout netted by Sandy Nelson at a Barrio Pro Team Gathering

The Wild Trout Trust

Barrio Fly Lines supports the Wild Trout Trust