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Casts That Catch Fish DVD

Enjoy this great fly casting workshop with Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor Carl McNeil, as he demonstrates some of the most useful presentation casts available to the fly fisher ..... Casts that catch fish!

Each cast is explained step by step, in plain simple language, with the assistance of slow motion and graphical overlays. The casts featured in the DVD really are useful in every day fishing situations. In addition to the slack line presentation casts, Carl covers the roll cast, Bill Gammel's Five Essentials of good fly casting and dealing with windy conditions.

A great addition to any fly fisher's DVD library and one that you will certainly watch more than once!

Casts That Catch Fish DVD

This excellent fly casting DVD runs for 50 minutes and features:

The Five Essentials of good fly casting
Roll casts
Reach mends
Pile casts
Wiggle casts
Aerial mends
Bucket mends
Tuck casts
Curve casts
Dealing with windy conditions.

The DVD is beautifully filmed, with slow motion and normal speed shots which make it easy for the viewer to see how the casts are made. The use of a bright orange fly line, with black bands and a fluorescent leader set up compliments the high quality camerawork and helps to produce one of the clearest casting DVDs that I have seen.

Sorry, these DVDs are no longer in stock on our website.