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Snippets of news, views and experiences with Barrio Fly Lines.

Trout Fishing New Zealand

Cane rods, beautiful streams, awesome trout and Barrio fly lines!
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Gallos de Leon

I lived in Leon in Northern Spain for a number of years and go back to enjoy the fishing as often as I can!
Tomas Gil is one of the few remaining breeders of the magnificent Gallos de Leon, famous for their fly tying feathers.
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Barrio Pro Team Gathering

Marc, Will, Hamish, Sandy and I got together for a Barrio Pro Team Gathering at Hoddom Castle on the river Annan in June. Hoddom Castle is a great place to meet up, a nice campsite with good facilities, good food, a bar for a drink in the evenings and of course, some great fishing.
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Barrio Fly Lines on TV

Lots of excitement in 'Casa Barrio', as Barrio Fly Lines was featured on "Caza Y Pesca" ( Hunting and Fishing ) Canal+ television in Spain
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Testing Barrio Prototype Fly Lines

This was pretty much at the final stage in the research and development of the Barrio SLX fly line and although filmed from a distance, you can see lots of great single handed Roll and Spey casting by Ben in this video.
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