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Barrio Line Care

Barrio Line Care is a hard paste line treatment for our floating fly lines which:

Helps to prolong the life of your fly line.
Helps to improve the floatability of your fly line.
Helps to keep your fly line slick and shooting well.

Think of this product like a boot polish, work the supplied pad into the paste until it absorbs the line care treatment ( repeat as required ) then pull your line through the pad a few times to apply the paste to your line. Leave the line lying for half an hour, overnight is even better and then buff up, or polish off your fly line with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

Please note that our Barrio Line Care product is for our floating fly lines only, do not apply to your intermediate or sink tip lines as the product contains silicones and would probably make your lines float.

Price £2.70 including shipping.

Barrio Line Care

It is obviously a good idea to clean your line before appying the treatment. Simply pulling your line through a gripped clean wet cloth and then through a clean dry cloth should do the trick, but for a very dirty fly line you might find that adding a little natural hand soap to the wet cloth helps to remove the grime. Please make sure that you rinse any soap off and don't be tempted to use detergents, baby wipes, or other cleaning products, as many of these contain elements that can shorten the life of your fly line.

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Customer Reviews

Name: John Salkeld
Country: England
Subject: Barrio Line Care

I've swerved off using Baby Wipes and Armorall, as constant use may actually damage your line.

A wipe through moistened kitchen roll to remove dirt, an application of Barrio Line Care, then wiping off the excess, is a much kinder and a more effective way of treating your floating fly lines.