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Barrio Fly Reel Pouches

Barrio Fly Reel Pouches offer great protection for your reel, both on or off your fly rod.

Neoprene has a bit of stretch, which helps with fitting and protecting reels in a good variety of sizes.

Small ( 10 cm ) should fit most 1-3 weight fly reels.

Medium ( 12 cm ) should fit most 4-6 weight fly reels.

Large ( 14 cm ) should fit most 7-9 weight fly reels.

For best fitting: Add the diameter of your fly reel spool to twice the width of your spool ( spool diameter + spool width + spool width ) then use this total to choose the closest reel pouch size in cm.

Price: £3.60 including free worldwide shipping.

Barrio Fly Reel Pouches

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