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Barrio ISS Spey Fly Lines

The Barrio ISS (Integrated Scandi Spey) is an easy casting short headed Spey line for two handed rods, offering the angler accurate short casts, easy distance casts when required and superb presentation of everything from small dressed flies to copper tubes.

The compound rear taper allows needle sharp loops to be easily formed at close range, and when cast with a little overhang, straight predictable long range shots are effortless.

This line is an ideal choice where space is tight, when wading deep, if large flies are required, or for hand-lining tactics and is also an excellent choice for those new to salmon fishing.

The ISS is designed to be fished with 10' polyleaders when a bit of depth is required, or 15' tapered mono salmon leaders for full floating work.

Our lines do not have factory welded loops, we use salmon sized RM braided loops. These are available to order and are very easy to fit.

Price: £39.00 including free worldwide shipping.

Barrio ISS integrated Scandi Spey lines
Euan Innes with a nice salmon on the Upper River Beauly

Please note that our fly line profile diagrams do not include any information regarding compound tapers ( multiple tapers within a taper ) that we may have included within the profile and that the dimensions may vary for each individual line weight.

Barrio ISS Fly Line Profile

The ISS is a full length Spey line of approx 41 metres or 134 feet in length, target head weights and lengths are listed below:

ISS 7/8 : 31 grams or 478 grains at 34 feet
ISS 8/9 : 35 grams or 540 grains at 39 feet
ISS 9/10 : 39 grams or 602 grains at 41 feet
ISS 10/11 : 43 grams or 664 grains at 43 feet

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Customer Reviews

Name: Pete Reynolds
Country: Yorkshire, UK
Subject: ISS Spey Lines

Had the 7/8 line for several months now in use on my 7 weight Hardy Zenith 12ft 6. To date I couldn't be more pleased. This line will cast any poly tip or tapered leader and any weight of fly to boot. It makes a total mockery of the "black art" of successful Spey Casting. Wind, bankside obstruction, either hand up, all makes no odds. Total accuracy, razor sharp loops and delicate presentation are on offer for the merest input.

This line really is a game changer.

Name: Trevor
Country: England
Subject: ISS Spey Lines

Excellent line. So pleased I decided to get one of these in 10/11 weight. It matches a Guideline Le Cie 14' 8" rod perfectly and I can throw an accurate long line nearly every time. I think of myself as a novice caster though I've been salmon fishing for a while, but this line has changed that.

I recommend these lines wholeheartedly.

Name: Hamish Young
Country: Scotland
Subject: ISS Spey Lines

I have been out pretty much solely with the ISS during the past season with a 9/10 on my Mackenzie DTX:Atlas 13'7" #9wt and a 10/11 on my MacKenzie 'original' DTX 15'. I thought it might be useful to share some of my findings as an end of season review.

Incidentally these lines have also been tried on a wide range of rods including Gaelforce, Sharpes, B&W, Hardy, Shakespeare and CND - plus others I've probably forgotten.

In the tougher wind conditions experienced in the early part of the season up here in Inverness-shire the ISS was a perfect choice, it inspires confidence in anyone who uses it and in all conditions "I really can make that cast" and so on. I have experimented with 15' sinking polyleaders on both the 9/10 and 10/11 and whilst that's asking a bit of the 9/10 it coped very well. The 10/11 ... with impunity, it's as if they weren't there at all. Now this is interesting to me as although I use all sorts of polyleaders and 'T' tips, I do like using longer polyleaders, I'd simply not tried them on the ISS before.

As a self confessed tackle tart I've got all sorts of Salmon lines, some really really good and some harder to use but rewarding when you get it right. This season past I did more Salmon fishing than in any season in the previous 5, with an armoury of gear to choose from it's a testament to how good this line really is that I pretty much only used the ISS (exceptions were when my friend Euan borrowed it) as my go to line.

Salmon fishing next year? You should buy one, I don't think you can afford to be without one.